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She recently turned 18 years old, she is a graceful miniature ex-cheerleader who is experiencing photography for the first time for adults, but she is definitely not shy! At first we see her in cute short shorts and a skimpy top in the park, demonstrating her acrobatic skills and teasing us when she only runs in her panties! She performs a strip dance for us to the music, shakes her elastic ass and twitches until she starts to touch herself … Using a vibrator to masturbate, she has an orgasm twice, then spreads and gapes for us, demonstrating her moisture. Having become familiar with the Big Ten, she challenges herself to see how deep she can go, and she takes her 9 inches down! She fucks herself hard, orgasm a few times in different poses, and becomes milky wet! After a short urine session by the pool, she wants to play anally and show how capable she is. Warming up with a vibrator, she uses a glass toy in her ass, fucking herself with it until she gets an orgasm with a toy inside it! She fingers her ass and shows how she can “wink” on her buttocks and his sight too … Then the problem arises with the help of a dildo 18 inches long and see how deep she can go … and she takes 13 inches deep in her ass! Incredibly deep … Taking the other end into the vagina, she penetrates herself twice and as a result gets a strong orgasm with the help of her favorite vibrator! More will come from this super-teen, and she is going to become extreme …

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  • My goals are to maybe one get to shoot for playboy I would just feel like that would be such an honor honestly. But my other aspirations in life are to travel the world; its such a big and beautiful place and I hope to get to see all that it has to offer. I…

  • Panties in Vagina Stuffing Panties in Vagina Stuffing

    Those of you who love long labia, enjoy close-ups of stretching / stretching it. He warmed FTV Girls Sutton with a red dildo, then a Big Blue toy, which was the biggest thing she ever had. Got her to orgasm though. Another pretty summer dress on the street, and with flowing hair, she looked even younger….

  • Release date: February 1, 2018. Total photos: 273. Total videos: 73 minutes. This episode features: Hard Breast Massage, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Toys.

  • For a lunch break, we see her in the form of jeans and a crop, after which she becomes intimate with us in her bed, and sings widely, demonstrating milk moisture. Then she takes an eroshilator Vibrator, and still a strong orgasm – but it makes her even more gloomy – she will constantly give…

  • Alexa Masturbating in Car Alexa Masturbating in Car

    Wake up to Alexa in the morning… not a bad thing at all! Then watch her masturbate, and talk dirty. Going through the video I noticed how good she is with the camera, how comfortable she is. Then its a botched hiking scene, just too hot for her. The ‘risks’ aren’t always public, but natural…

  • Panties in Pussy Panties in Pussy

    This week we meet 21 year old Eva. She’s here in LA doing some modeling and she had even checked out the site and liked the look. We meet up with Eva as she explores an outdoor mall area and we are treated to a few flashes before heading to another area of the building….

  • Our first glimpse of cute Mia is in a bra, panties and little tennis shoes as she starts dancing to her music and we immediately see that she is attracted to sex! A lovely singer with blonde hair and a lot of physical strength … which we see when she stretches her legs to try…

  • Filling Her Up 38 minutes of HD Video Cute Upskirt Play 82 High Resolution Photos All About Anal Play 112 High Resolution Photos Sophisticated Toys 66 High Resolution Photos

  • I previously worked as an assistant preeschool teacher, I have a huge passion for childcare and caring for people in general. Im from Minnesota so we get some crazy cold winters! Summertime is so nice though, so when its warm i love to spend literally all of my time outdoors. I love to hammock, hike,…

  • Upskirts of 18yo Danni Upskirts of 18yo Danni

    This supercute teen sent me some photos of herself: #1 #2 #3 #4 and I thought wow, she’s got to be on FTV, if she’s truly capable of being comfy with nudes & masturbation. She was not only into it, but really excited to come, and expressed her desire to have a career in the adult industry. She then sent…

  • We end the day with a sunset shoot in a dress I got for her, with matching wedges. Gave it a ‘dressy look’ and of course, that dress makes her breasts show off rather easily. Beautiful girl, ultra-desirable figure, and girl-next-door type make her another wonderful addition to FTV.

  • Real-life best friends, FTVGirls Mira and Olivia are both 20 years old and just recently opening up to their sexuality… and the adult world. What is striking is their height, as Mira is just five feet tall, and FTVGirls Olivia is the tallest girl to ever appear on FTV. Both super cute and sexy in…

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