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Hi, Let me introduce myself. I’m five feet tall and 95 pounds, with long dark hair and brown eyes. I like the same in a guy, that is brown eyes tall brunette, and handsome. I’m from a small town in the Northeast that I can’t say where since my friends and family don’t know what I’m doing. I told them I’m going on a trip with some of my girlfriends to California.

I’m going to California after this too to start my porn career wish me luck. I turned 18 like literally six days ago and always wanted to do porn since I was an early teen. My first intro to it was from a classmate on the school bus showing me and some other girl porn on her cell phone and it made me curious to see more of it when I got home. That’s when I started masturbating and figured out how to orgasm. I really love sex and as long as the guy’s dick isn’t too big I enjoy it.

I don’t like it deep and I’ve never done anything like anal fucking never had anything in my ass. I usually get sore after having sex more than two times a day but always want more. I sort of wish that my pussy could take more but it’s just the way I was built I guess. I like being petite and I think I’m cute even though when I was younger I was teased by the more popular kinds of girls the tall blue-eyed blondes making me think that I’m not cute. Now I know I am and I will prove it by becoming really popular in porn. I hope you like what you see and this is just the beginning for me.

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  • As well as a very long Puppy Lumber! We get a glimpse of her staring at the roof naked and then giving us one last glimpse of that wet erotic teenage girl bathing. FTV Girls Dixie is an evil teenager who loves public sport, and she’s a sunny day for FTV!

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  • Apart from hair, I have as little maintenance as when it comes to women! I like to dance, be stupid, and always have fun laughing and talking to my friends and fans. One day in my life I would love to travel all over the world! Either alone or with your perfect best friend. I…

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  • So when I eventually have a family we could take trips to the Lake of the Ozarks in the summer and invite all of our friends. Some other places I have never been before for a vacation are Hawaii, Florida and Mexico. I plan to take a vacation to at least one of those places…

  • We went to the most beautiful place I could find that would compliment her look, and FTV Girls Aria (shyly at first, filming something adult for the first time) teases us upskirt and introduces herself. We hadn’t been sexually intimate yet (that first night before, on clip 10 I put her to bed and wanted…

  • Release date: February 1, 2018. Total photos: 273. Total videos: 73 minutes. This episode features: Hard Breast Massage, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Toys.

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