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Once back indoors she’s quick to get to play! Through her panties she begins to rub her pussy and shares her love of masturbation with us. She’s been masturbating for most of her life, starting very early, so she’s not shy about what she likes. Her clit gets bigger and while the fingers work for her she really wants toys. She grabs a glass toy and a large double ended toy. She begins with the glass and its not long until the larger toy is deep in her. She can feel it deep in her and wants to combine that with clit play so we see her as she incorporates a mini wand. The combination sends her into orgasm and she even fires off a second one.

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  • Release date: March 3, 2017 Total photos: 410 Total videos: 100 minutes This episode features: Anal Toys, Dancing Scenes, Foot Fetish Scenes, Masturbation to Orgasm, Squirting, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Yoga.

  • The darling of the member’s corrupt squirers is back, this time pushing their extremes even further, with all sorts of new challenges and fetishes! We see her again in a cute dress, in front of a selection of monster toys, and follow her outside. It’s a hot day, but she has some cooling … it’s…

  • Blonde Dancing Naked Outside Blonde Dancing Naked Outside

    On the bed, she meets the big ten, and she deeply fucks her (and you can feel this dildo in your stomach) when she goes as deep as possible (9 inches), when she rises up and uses her whole body him Eroscillator adds to the pleasure, and again receives it. At the end of clip…

  • I love to travel and see new places. Some of my favorites when it comes to food cuisine would have to be Italian or Japanese food, i feel they are both filling and relatively healthier no matter what you order. I love to eat a lot of meats in example: big game, beef, steak, pork…

  • When the day comes to an end, they choose their favorite vibrators and start masturbating together at sunset … and both have a strong orgasm and squirting! Vanna never injected before and squirted everywhere … it totally surprises her! They are absolutely amazing together with this connection of two true best friends and lovers ……

  • Back when I first shot Sabina, I thought, what a wonderful, perfectly figured girl, and would not it be nice to make her make a girlfriend for FTV? It was her first adult shot, but since then she has done other girls girls. She’s only in girls so I wanted to find an ideal match…

  • Athena was not a first timer when she shot for FTV, but had done a single adult scene a year before — but got found out by friends/family, and had a lot of trouble for that year (including an abusive boyfriend). But then, she went to AVN this year (2018) and really wanted to shoot…

  • And so it starts with an interview and photoshoot, before going back home to do nudes. She is VERY timid in front of the camera, and somewhat nervous/stiff with a recording device in front of her, far more than most if not all new girls I shoot. So it took a lot of instruction to…

  • Release date: May 12, 2018 Total photos: 330 Total videos: 94 minutes This episode features: Dancing Scenes, Extreme Closeups, Hard Breast Massage, Masturbation to Orgasm, Peeing Scene, See-through, Squirting, Toys, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing

  • Masturbate Together. Featuring: Joey, Sami. Release date: September 14, 2019. Total photos: 297. Total videos: 69 minutes. This episode features: Extreme Closeups, Masturbation to Orgasm, Milky Orgasm, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys.

  • Having shown her fisting technique and riding the smaller of the two dildos, FTV Girls Aria reaches for a huge thick toy and can insert it inside, groaning with complete sensation! Heading to the bedroom, we see her in a rainbow suit, with multi-colored panties, socks and even a rainbow toy … she starts with…

  • Asian chick shagging dildos Asian chick shagging dildos

    After a shower, she takes out another toy, using a vibrator of a magic wand on her clitoris and bringing herself to several squirting orgasms to complete her shooting day! Lulu is a really special teenager with beautiful features, a cheerful personality and, of course, a miniature, very pretty body … right here on FTV!

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