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  • I have worked before as a preschool teacher assistant, I have a huge passion for childcare and caring for people in general. Im from Minnesota so we have cold and crazy winters! Summer is so nice, so when it’s hot I literally like to spend all my time outdoors. I love hammock, hiking, and watching…

  • TEEN. TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. Age: 18 Height: 5’6″ Figure: 34B-22-35

  • We went on location at a resort, though she does have a super young look from afar, so I was wary of people thinking she’s an underage girl, even though she’s 19. It was all about teasers and upskirt views, and as we shot, I noticed how she wasn’t too nervous about the public nudity….

  • Release date: February 1, 2018. Total photos: 273. Total videos: 73 minutes. This episode features: Hard Breast Massage, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Toys.

  • Going clogged, she uses a double-ended dildo to penetrate himself, then to double penetrate both holes! Then, using large anal beads, she plays with the latter and finally undoes her ass as much as she can! Wearing black lingerie and sexy heels, she wraps around her proper figure, stimulating herself and finally using a vibrator…

  • So we’re back outdoors, and she’s wearing a rather revealing short skirt and white top. She looks rather young and teen-like, so I have to be weary — we’re shooting at another open mall with people everywhere, and they do wonder what exactly I’m doing shooting her. Anyway, we see her take more selfies, while…

  • Although she still had a lot of clothes at her parents’ house, so we had a huge selection of cute clothes for her to choose from. We got it all. From dresses, heels, casual wear, underwear. There were so many places around the house for shooting (over 30,000 square feet). The bedrooms of her parents…

  • I am a freespirited, independent woman who loves hiking, running, art, dancing, and sex–of course. I graduated early from high school this year and decided to head to the west coast. I love getting to know new people, and so I make an effort to travel often. What really turns me on is passionate people….

  • Hello Lia guys here! Mia’s shooting didn’t start well. Suddenly, after the first set, he got a text message and wanted to go home. I asked him to finish the film or half a day at least. But he had to go for some reason. I was just going to wash my hands. But fast…

  • Now here’s a gorgeous girl who makes us feel lucky she is going all the way for the first time. She has never shot any adult before, and you’re only going to see her on FTV — and what an amazing shoot. You never know what to expect with a total first-timer, but she warmed…

  • Hi! My name is Danni and im 18 years old and I currently live in Las Vegas but Im originally from a little town outside of Boston.. so yes, I am a patriots fan. I grew up with a single dad but he later got married to my stepmom. However, i was pretty much raised…

  • Sexy Girl Dancing Naked Sexy Girl Dancing Naked

    When she first sent application, it was pretty much all headshots #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 — cute face, but only later did I do a facetime with her and saw her incredible body in the nude. First off, not a single tattoo, which is very refreshing, and not a single flaw on her fit form. She was a gymnast when…

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