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My goals are to maybe one get to shoot for playboy I would just feel like that would be such an honor honestly. But my other aspirations in life are to travel the world; its such a big and beautiful place and I hope to get to see all that it has to offer. I also have a love and passion for animals, especially wildlife. I hope to one day travel to Africa and help with the conservation of its native wildlife there, that would be dream come true and I truly would feel like I did something meaningful with my life.

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  • I’m very social and love meeting new people who I can learn from. I love picking up new hobbies and when I’m bored I’ll learn a new song on the piano, read up on a topic that interests me to expand my knowledge, or simply look for a class in my area that I haven’t…

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  • I learned while moving from place to place as a kid that nothing is forever and everything is temporary and thats just the beauty of life. In 8th grade I was told that I was able to attend duel enrollment for my two favorite classes. I attended Columbia state community college in TN, majoring in…

  • I have worked before as a preschool teacher assistant, I have a huge passion for childcare and caring for people in general. Im from Minnesota so we have cold and crazy winters! Summer is so nice, so when it’s hot I literally like to spend all my time outdoors. I love hammock, hiking, and watching…

  • On the next morning of her visit, we went to a park, for her to show off her cheerleading skills. FTV Dakota used to cheer from middle school through high school, for obvious reasons being a ‘flyer’ as in super light and tiny to throw up in the air. FTV Dakota retains some of those…

  • I’ve never been to Colorado, but the scenery is amazing and it looks like a very cold environment. It is my dream to have a second home in Colorado to visit and rent it when I return home in Pennsylvania. I would also like to have a lake once. Therefore, when we eventually got a…

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