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We went on location at a resort, though she does have a super young look from afar, so I was wary of people thinking she’s an underage girl, even though she’s 19. It was all about teasers and upskirt views, and as we shot, I noticed how she wasn’t too nervous about the public nudity. So we push it to spreads, fingering, then full nudes. Notice her long labia, which she stretches both on location and at home. When it came time to masturbating, she said she could do it with fingers, so I left it on tripod for her to try. Probably too tough to do on camera, she was unable to get off, so I brought the Eroscillator Toy that brought her to orgasm. The contractions are hard to see, but you can tell that she really had a genuine, and strong orgasm — with an experience she’s never really had before.

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  • FTV Girls Naomi used the Big Blue dildo and started fucking herself with it deep and deep until she took it down 9 inches while riding it !! She felt the depths of her stomach and it made her orgasm again! She wears a lovely pink bra and panties. She provokes us more and then…

  • Due to popular demand, Alexa returns, for another fun ‘adventure’ shoot. She was voted extremely popular on FTV, and I got hordes of requests for her to return. Looks as cute as ever, and her breasts are even fuller it seems. She had a couple of cute themed outfits with her, and I liked the…

  • Hello Lia guys here! Mia’s shooting didn’t start well. Suddenly, after the first set, he got a text message and wanted to go home. I asked him to finish the film or half a day at least. But he had to go for some reason. I was just going to wash my hands. But fast…

  • FTV Members Comments Evening Star Incredible set of videos. Great closeups, toys. Amazing part 2. Thanks. Ftvx I can’t think of anything more extreme than taking the photographer’s dick on camera. Maybe that could be a new category??? scotterbug OMG Rob, what a flexible sweetie! Hope you could get her for a cute and Sassy…

  • We move to a dancing scene, which she’s pretty good at, shaking those hips and moving to the beat. The bouncing breasts are a bonus; and after that a nice hard breast massage and nipple closeups for big breast fans. The large dildo was to see what her limits are — and she manages to…

  • Later in the day, she puts on cute pink socks, hair in pigtails, and goes all anal! Starting with some anal pleasure beads, she warms up her butt by pushing them in and out, while we see the butt action up close. Then she takes a large glass toy anally, riding it down until it…

  • I’ve never been to Colorado, but the scenery is amazing and it looks like a very cold environment. It is my dream to have a second home in Colorado to visit and rent it when I return home in Pennsylvania. I would also like to have a lake once. Therefore, when we eventually got a…

  • So we’re back outdoors, and she’s wearing a rather revealing short skirt and white top. She looks rather young and teen-like, so I have to be weary — we’re shooting at another open mall with people everywhere, and they do wonder what exactly I’m doing shooting her. Anyway, we see her take more selfies, while…

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    After a shower, she takes out another toy, using a vibrator of a magic wand on her clitoris and bringing herself to several squirting orgasms to complete her shooting day! Lulu is a really special teenager with beautiful features, a cheerful personality and, of course, a miniature, very pretty body … right here on FTV!

  • One of my personal favorites, Addison, returns after nearly a year of being away. She had moved to Texas, and so the hopes of her assisting on more shoots wasn’t possible. Now that she’s back, she’s changed her hairstyle — its longer, and lighter. I think it makes her look even more feminine, and sexy….

  • Sabina having fun Outdoors Sabina having fun Outdoors

    Im Sabina, Im A Science dweeb and classic rock addict. I was born A Floridian and raised mostly in Philidalphia. I have two little brothers and they are truly my heart and soul. For most of our childhood my dad was in the army so we were raised by my grandmother. My grandmother is a…

  • Love the big naturals, and her strong sexual desire. I told FTV Girls Aria white would look really good on her, especially when I saw the application photos, so she got that cute white outfit with the wedges. We went to the prettiest location I could find that would compliment her look, and she (shyly…

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