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It was Sasha who reached to me, through another model’s referral. It was somewhat her idea/fantasy to do a ‘porno’ with a photographer they could trust, who wouldn’t try to get sexual with them. The more I got to know of their personality, I realized that yes, they really are not into men at all. Its almost hard-wired in them. Just talking about having sex with a man seems to turn them off; and even at some points I felt somewhat uncomfortable with giving them directions, how to pose etc… They seemed to be very into each other, but not as much into giving that attention to the camera, and Victoria was quite a bit more timid about the whole shoot in general.

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  • She liked it a lot and got wet again. But not orgasm. Noting his long lips and stretching / playing with them. It also spreads and opens. There is a gaping pattern in the bathroom, so he uses it. As small as she is, she can certainly take a lot of time. If you want…

  • FTVGirls Lexi Shrek: Holy shit, she’s magnificent! Those peeing and squirting scenes are just absolutely divine! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring her back for more! cowijns: let them pee against a dark background? Kevin: Holly Shit!!! Great pissing scene!!! More like that!! She will be amazing in porn!! PLEASE BRING HER BACK!!! Ron: GREAT MORE VIBRA KING PLEASE Dampen: Yes!…

  • FTVGirls Kylie applied to FTV with these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4, and once her age was confirmed (19) she sent some nudes of herself #5 #6 #7. Her body is incredible, with the perfect big naturals butt. A very gorgeous girl too, with that natural, girl-next-door beauty and beautiful skin. In person, she’s just as cute, with a somewhat shy persona…

  • Apart from hair, I have as little maintenance as when it comes to women! I like to dance, be stupid, and always have fun laughing and talking to my friends and fans. One day in my life I would love to travel all over the world! Either alone or with your perfect best friend. I…

  • Blonde Dancing Naked Outside Blonde Dancing Naked Outside

    On the bed, she meets the big ten, and she deeply fucks her (and you can feel this dildo in your stomach) when she goes as deep as possible (9 inches), when she rises up and uses her whole body him Eroscillator adds to the pleasure, and again receives it. At the end of clip…

  • I am originally from a very small town in Florida but then moved over to the Tampa Bay area.I am Swedish and dutch. I started really getting into modeling when I was 18 almost 19, but i had my first shoot the weekend after my 18th birthday. The reason why I decided to get into…

  • FTV Girls Nayomi Release date: June 16, 2019 Total photos: 270 Total videos: 35 minutes This episode features: Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Dancing Scenes, Double Penetration, Dress and Heels, Extreme Closeups, Fisting, Masturbation to Orgasm, Peeing Scene, Squirting, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing

  • FTV Nayomi Posing & Peeing FTV Nayomi Posing & Peeing

    When we get cute looks on her ass, we also watch her do some water sports before she becomes extreme again! She wants to burn herself again, but even harder and deeper. She does it from behind and strains her fast fist with all her strength, knocking on her vagina, and she likes it! Later…

  • She is a local girl who came after sending some # 1 # 2 photos with two nudes # 3 # 4 – referred by a guy who is a fan of FTV. She wanted to make money before the school started, but deep down, she also wanted to go out and sexually explore to…

  • Hi! I had so much fun filming my footage for FTV Girls, I hope you enjoy it! That said, I love cheesecake. This is my favorite food! I also like pasta and I eat just about anything because I spend a lot of time exercising. I just could not sleep at night if I was…

  • Featuring: FTV Girls Nikki Release date: February 20, 2019 Total photos: 504 Total videos: 84 minutes This episode features: Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Dancing Scenes, Dress and Heels, Extreme Closeups, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Teasing, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Upskirt in Public, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Yoga

  • Luna is a ruby red model form NorCal who loves to do art modeling and loves to play video games, but today shes in LA and begins her morning on the couch. Shes a metal head, so we actually begin the shoot in what she was just wearing around the house with her shirt and…

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