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FTVGirls Joey, FTVGirls Sami

Release date: September 14, 2019
Total photos: 297
Total videos: 69 minutes
This episode features: Extreme Closeups, Masturbation to Orgasm, Milky Orgasm, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys.

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  • One day I hope to have a house on the beach with the love of my life. My love life is all around at the moment because my last relationship has ruined me. I dated the boy for 2 and a half years and I was emotionally and mentally abused. I never realized what I…

  • Age: 21. Height: 5’2″. Body: 34B-23-34. Total photos: 222. Total videos: 62 minutes. Upskirt in Public, Dancing Scene, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys, Massage(Hard): Breast. Extreme Closeups, Long Labia & Stretching, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Big Ten Toy.

  • The most humorous member of the band is back, this time it is expanding its extremes with all the new challenges and fetishes! We can see her again in cute dresses before choosing monsters and then we go outside. It’s a hot day, but it’s got something cool … her bottle of water totally inside!…

  • Gwen is another one of those ‘too good to be true’ kind of girls, who after sending these photos #1 #2 #3 then these nudes #4 #5, we talked through online chat, and she turned out to be incredibly cute in person. And those amazing breasts! Not a single tattoo either, which is refreshing thing…

  • The best part was a meeting with many people and cool people from all walks of life. I quickly realized that dancing as an exotic dancer made me much more money than I ever danced for a ballet company. So I left the ballet and became an exotic full-time dancer. after a few months of…

  • Aali is a stunning blode model who I’d wanted to shoot since I saw her pics and luckily we made it happen quickly! Right off the bat you notice the boobs. Perky, firm, huge, and full of milk! Shes young, beautiful and very kinky, so today was a full one! We see her in the…

  • She recently turned 18 years old, she is a graceful miniature ex-cheerleader who is experiencing photography for the first time for adults, but she is definitely not shy! At first we see her in cute short shorts and a skimpy top in the park, demonstrating her acrobatic skills and teasing us when she only runs…

  • She’s still getting used to bigger dick sizes when she tried that long dildo and she’s also trying to get used to anal because everyone in porn watches it. That fascination FTV Girls Kylie doesn’t understand and she’s not a fan of it. But she’ll try to make viewers happy! She can’t wait to see…

  • Very beautiful Sabina, who is just girls, wanted to bring her sexual experience to Paisley, who had never had any experience with her life! Paisley, who loves men and it’s a very cruel and extreme type of girl, Sabina’s thing because of how perfect and sensual she looks. We’ll see you in the park, you…

  • Slim Brunette Dancing Naked Slim Brunette Dancing Naked

    After returning home, she masturbates again, straight to another super strong orgasm with intense vaginal contractions! Then she gets even bigger, with the FTV Blue Titan Toy, and with some effort she manages to really and really fuck herself, and also go up and down! Then she stretches widely for more gaping ones. We see…

  • Lots of teasers and her showing off perfection, then back home to masturbate. She can get off through her fingers, so we did that at the start, then move on to the Magic Wand for a stronger orgasm. We get pretty closeups of her privates, then I tested her out to see how she would…

  • FTV Ginger Playing with Pussy FTV Ginger Playing with Pussy

    Hey ya’ll, okay, I’m not sure what exactly I’m supposed to write here but here it goes… Well as you can tell from my accent I’m from Tennessee, Nashville to be exact. Us girls grow proper and well mannered here, we don’t swear or spit or fart or any of that. Of course, they frown…

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