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Back a few months ago, when Aurielee mentioned that she had a best friend who was also starting in the adult business, I asked for some photos to see what she looks like, and was blown away by how cute the friend is. They’ve been real life friends since high school, and now real life lovers, starting to experiment with each other. Aurielee sent me these photos of them together, and you can say that some are from 3 years ago, so you can see they really have been together for a while: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5. From the start, meeting them at the airport, it almost seemed to me that Aurielee looked even cuter than before (is her hair darker now?) and Alaina is supercute in person. She was a bit timid at start, and somewhat uncomfortable with flashing in public, so I stuck to shooting at home after the intro. The moment we see Alaina’s breasts come out, we realize how large and nice they are. I wanted to do a warmup video of photoshoot, and to avoid having my voice in the shoot, I had Aurielee ‘direct’ and record video on a tripod while I silently snap photos. On this shoot (beyond clip1) I wanted to keep completely silent and let them interact without my voice getting in the way. Of course, I directed things with hand gestures a lot, or telling them beforehand what to do. Also it makes it more difficult to get photos in say, the second clip because she’s constantly moving, and not holding for the photos. So only 1/4 of the pics I took then turned out. But its more about the videos, right? Then Alaina masturbates, and as a lot of you know, I prefer to shoot girls who have never experienced adult before. But by the time I got to Alaina she had done quite a few softcore shoots with other sites, and as usual they had ‘pretrained’ her to masturbate to a fake orgasm. As hot as it may look in clip3, and as close as she got, I knew a lot of members would not be satisfied by that. But whether you know or not, pretty much every other softcore site out there gets girls to masturbate to fake orgasms, because either they don’t care, or simply don’t have the patience for it. Here the members are more discerning — so I had her do it again (clip4) and use the Eroscillator toy. It does bring her to orgasm, and a very strong one, with visible vaginal contractions. The other benefit of a girl having a real orgasm on the shoot is that it relaxes them, brings out their tension & apprehension, and makes the rest of the shoot better. We then get extreme closeups on Alaina’s private parts, and notice how wet she is inside from the orgasm, as Aurielee fingers her, brings out the wetness, and tastes her for the first time.

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