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Masturbate Together.
Featuring: Joey, Sami.
Release date: September 14, 2019.
Total photos: 297.
Total videos: 69 minutes.
This episode features: Extreme Closeups, Masturbation to Orgasm, Milky Orgasm, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys.

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  • Returning to bed, Carmen fucks his girlfriend with a long blue dildo, but not with his hands, but with his mouth! They end up sorting out and hugging, with Carmen at the receiving end of the dildo. To finish, they play a foot fetish, suck and lick each other, and Kali gets a chest massage…

  • Syara sent these photos: # 1 # 2 # 3, then once I confirmed her age, these nudities # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8. She is flying from Detroit and she is working on a fast food joint. From the beginning she wanted to tell me she loved big penis and…

  • Steven Wow. She’s perfect! Evening Star Amazing sexy fun girl. A great start to any day. Thanks Lexi. Allora The see through thing in clip three is a very sexy thing to me. Mike Agreed. Too “porno” for me. Ron GREAT MORE VIBRA KING PLEASE Evening Star Welcome Lexi, Awesome set of videos, photo sets….

  • My dad and his friends were boxers so naturally, I was raised in a boxing gym. I went from sports to school to sports at home. The fun fact I suck at driving… I’m really really bad at it but I have driven some fancy cars under pressure and it was okay. Other than that…

  • Not to use on television, note that she is very shy and quiet. When starting pornography with her first shot, she had a certain shyness, and when she was masturbating, she would light up. The Iculator has given her a very good member. (See how strong the vaginal compression is). She spoke of what she…

  • After a while, I was tired of working for a boss who hated women. Instead, I got a job as a waitress. It was at a local diner, and I swear all the managers were crazy, but I still enjoyed their company. In most cases it is. He belonged to the Greek family, so almost…

  • We end the day with a sunset shoot in a dress I got for her, with matching wedges. Gave it a ‘dressy look’ and of course, that dress makes her breasts show off rather easily. Beautiful girl, ultra-desirable figure, and girl-next-door type make her another wonderful addition to FTV.

  • All because her boyfriend wanted her to try FTV, and was fan of the content, here she is — and maybe this initiates an adult career for her. Though she’s confident in her figure, and in getting naked on camera, she was a bit stiff and nervous at start, somewhat stoic; but as the shoot…

  • The funny story about Jasmine is that we actually almost shot her about a year ago, but something happened and we had to cancel. A year later shes back and ready to shoot adult! We meet her as she walks around a shopping area and we are treated to some breast flashes and open leg…

  • A strong girl she is, we watch her run topless, play with her breasts, and do some teasers … Later in the day, she wears very sexy clothes and heels, gives us of upskirt views, then using a long eggplant as a dildo! After a quick pissing session, she allowed us to enjoy her breasts…

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    Phillytime Hi Guys, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for this beauty!!! She is absolutely AMAZING!!! Stunning Could you PLEASE make more videos of her beautiful smile and GORGEOUS PUSSY LIPS?! Her smile is so pretty! OMG what a pussy!!!! These astonishing meaty lips unbelievable… Super star!!! Please more pussy lips pics and vids her camel toes,…

  • Kara has been one of those girls who debated shooting adult for over a year now, and she finally took the plunge, starting with FTV. Flying in from New Mexico, she is starting her adult career with this site, and in person, I got to know a rather smart, witty, and energetic woman, let alone…

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